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2014 Gallery

Magnetic Force

by: Ben Herskowitz, Ma'ale Adumim, Israel

HOPE is a luxury everyone can afford to have.

quote by: Joshua C., 6th Grade, Sarasota Middle School - Sarasota, Florida
Teacher: Moya Hanaway & Doug Abel

Artist Statement

I feel that an exciting way of portraying Embracing our Differences is by creating an image of an actual force that attracts children from different streams of life to come together. A Magnet of Love does that well. Also, I especially like the images of flying children in all kinds of poses — rising above — as they hurtle through space drawn in by the magnet!

The main elements that make the image vibrant are the use of bold colors, strong images and the sense of movement. By embracing our differences, we create a more colorful and happy world capable of living more harmoniously together. I believe that the message comes across instantly — in a single glance.

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