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2014 Gallery

Pressure and Tension

Best in Show Adult

by: Marija Doric´, Westfield, Indiana

A little "space" can change us from being apart, to realizing we are A PART of the same diverse world.

quote by: Tracie Parrott, Sarasota, Florida

Artist Statement

During my childhood years in Europe, I became appreciative of the rich and historical architecture around me. I knew at that point in time my love for architecture and art were authentic and I made a commitment to immerse myself in art and design due to their captivating forces of creativity, abstractness, and structure. I believe that a successful formula practices what you love so after completing my Masters in Architecture, I have decided to continue to pursue a specialized area of architecture — public spaces.

Simple changes in shape and function of one part can affect a whole structure. These situations tend to create more tension in an environment whatever that environment is. Such diversity can be under great pressure, but that tension keeps our eyes focused so we can see the picture, which is more enriched.

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Bobbi & Will Lorry
David & Lois Stulberg Foundation