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2014 Gallery

Shades of Love

Best in Show Quotation

by: Emily P., 11th Grade, Nelson High School - Ontario, Canada
teacher: Toge Heersink

It shouldn't take READING this quote to know that you should accept people for whom they are.

quote by: Zachary L., 8th Grade, Louise R. Johnson Middle School - Bradenton, Florida
teacher: Xu Dou

Artist Statement

For this competition I chose to do a piece representing racial and sexist issues. It showcases two women in a loving and supportive embrace. This photograph represents how all women should be proud to be themselves no matter what their skin color, size or sexuality. These two women are posed with tape over their mouths to represent that society has silenced their opinion. The words on the outside of the tape show that even if they are told they are not right in anyway, they are still proud to be who they are and support each other. Ultimately these women represent strength.

The theme means a lot to me. Growing up as a bisexual teenager I witnessed and was subject to discrimination in many ways. Throughout my whole life the ultimate lesson I have learned is that it is all about pleasing yourself and being who you want to be. I have learned how to take pride in who I am and to express myself through art. The thing I love most about art is how you can communicate blunt ideas and opinions through something that is aesthetically pleasing to others. Art is a way to communicate with those who might not understand.

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