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2014 Gallery

Stand Up to Stigma

by: Vesta Z., 12th Grade, Pine View School - Osprey,Florida
Teacher: Retsy Lauer

Unless you are a bull, NO BULLYING at this rodeo.

quote by: Josef S., 5th Grade, Fruitville Elementary School - Sarasota, Florida
Teacher: Ruth Cain

Artist Statement

With these two con-trasting photographs, I urge viewers to look through a lens that is often misunderstood and even overlooked. In our society, mental illness is shamed. Those that suffer from mental illness are ostracized and denied the support and nurture which they desperately require. The stigma on mental illness accentuates prejudicial attitudes and discriminating behavior towards individuals with mental health problems. Many people who impose the stigma lack the understanding that mental illness is comparable to other physiological illnesses such as cancer or diabetes. This attitude leads to demeaning labels such as “crazy” and “schizo”. One in four people has some form of mental illness making this a prevalent and alarming issue in our society. Let’s stand together and fight the stigma.

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James & Kim Cornetet
Ned & Mickey Davis
Ed Kalin & Leslie Malkin
Karen & Mike Valentino