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2014 Gallery

We Are All Equal

by: Einat Shteckler, Eilat, Israel

Elimate the Hate. Recalibrate, Reevaluate. Don't just Tolerate. CELEBRATE.

quote by: Andrea Kreithen, Lakewood Ranch, Florida

Artist Statement

My primary interest as an ecological artist revolves around social and ecological issues. As an ecological artist I feel the need to “cure” the world. I recycle trash using identical items to create harmonious, modular, three dimensional works. They are large in size and volume with the intention of raising thought and awareness regarding the consumer culture in which we live and the resultant refuse.

My works are “local” oriented — dependent on the trash that I find in my surroundings. It is not infrequent that I “wander” from place to place, visiting new locations to find new materials in order to add color to my work. I search with the intention of creating an “artistic” dialogue with a different public by discovering new insights.

I believe that it is within the power of the artist and his work to bring about a change in individuals and groups, thus my desire to create a new image from the refuse and bring it to the forefront, to stimulate these processes.

Meet the Artist


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