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2015 Gallery

Cat Wall

by: Maryjo Floryjanski, Venice, Florida

No one was CREATED to be a target.

quote by: Irene Nicola, Sarasota, Florida

Artist Statement

My artwork is a painting of cats created using multiple variations of warm colors for the large cats and only blue, a cool color, for the small cat.

The cats are positioned side by side. The large cats next to each other create a wall through which the small, blue cat must squeeze. The blue color of the smaller cat represents a sad feeling of being isolated or lonely. The expressions on the faces of the large cats are somewhat surprised by the smaller cat forcing his way in between the large cats. They apparently did not realize they established a wall which isolated the smaller blue cat.

Bullying can go beyond words. Bullying can be initiated through body language or in a group who is unaware of their actions as seen in the alignment of the cats.


Swart Family Foundation