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2015 Gallery

Don't Be Mean - Be Green!

by: Laura W., 9th Grade, State College of Florida Collegiate School - Bradenton, Florida
Teacher: Holly Cole

It escapes us that the thing we have most IN COMMON as humans is that we are different.

quote by: Gervaz Lushaju, Dodoma, Tanzania

Artist Statement

Each of the top bars is colored green, representing that society has accepted these diverse things, such as food, buildings, and art supplies. What would art be if we had only pencils — pretty dull. But the bar with the people is red because society has difficulties accepting differences in others.

We hate one another and we want to be better than everyone else, but really, we need each other. Just like a variety of art supplies makes art more colorful, different foods create more amazing flavors, and different buildings can be used for different purposes. We are better when we recognize and use the strengths of others.

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Thomas & Karen Bernstein
Ken & Jennifer Pendery
State College of Florida