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2015 Gallery

Fire and Ice

Honorable Mention

by: Ben Herskowitz, Ma'ale Adumim, Israel

Prejudice is the raging fire that only a river of acceptance can extinguish.

quote by: Brendan G., 8th Grade, Louise R. Johnson Middle School - Bradenton, Florida
teacher: Erika S. Phillips

Artist Statement

In order to help get the message of acceptance across, I feel that it’s important to present a strong, eye-catching graphic illustration. This particular image – the combination of fire and ice — may take a second or two to comprehend, because in nature it cannot possibly exist. Fire and ice are natural “enemies”; they cannot co-exist or get along. By presenting an image showing *them* living in harmony — the message comes thru clearly — if they can get along, anyone can! It’s an especially fitting analogy — because if they can’t manage to get along with each other, then they end up destroying each other, and neither can exist. The strong black background and vibrant bright yellows and reds also add to the dramatic, eye-catching image, helping to convey the message in a stark and graphic manner.

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