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2015 Gallery

In-Depth Reading

by: Jamie Azevedo, Santa Clara, California

WE aren't all Barbies.

quote by: Ka X., 8th Grade, Einstein Middle School - Appleton, Wisconsin

Artist Statement

One of my favorite books is “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison. It is about a little black girl who desperately wants to have blue eyes. The theme is based on embracing who we are and it inspired me to do a series on how women in our society are taught through media, movies and television that unless they are the ideal beauty then they are worth nothing. This image portrays a woman pouring through fashion magazines. Her face is symbolically masked by a stereotypical type of beauty which is socially acceptable. True beauty is so much deeper than what our culture tells us. This image was made to remind us that authenticity is the true definition of beauty.


Charles & Margery Barancik