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2015 Gallery

Inked Empire

by: Claire Nero, Sarasota, Florida

When you judge me you show the person that you are, not the PERSON that I am.

quote by: Jasmin M., 7th Grade, Louise R. Johnson Middle School - Bradenton, Florida
Teacher: Mary J. O'Brien

Artist Statement

I am a dreamer, an illustrator. I am a surrealist who thrives on inspiration from the beauty the world has to offer. I illustrate my way through life to allow others a glimpse into how my mind works and how I experience the world.

I have always loved color and making messes. I believe that is why I am drawn to painting as a primary media. When painting, I am able to detach myself from reality and morph back into a little kid, tossing acrylics in every direction.

When beginning any piece, I will invent a narrative, pull from real life experiences, or even look into old fairytales to give my artwork significance. I enjoy watching a piece come to life through details and have learned that the beginning is my favorite part of my creation process.


David & Lois Stulberg Foundation
Sally Yanowitz