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2015 Gallery

Kindness Blossom

by: Federica Muraro, Verona, Italy

People are like seeds. When watered and NURTURED, they blossom into stunningly beautiful and diverse creatures.

quote by: Regan E., 8th Grade, Sarasota Middle School - Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Moya Hanaway

Artist Statement

I believe that true kindness comes by recognizing oneself in another. And then love for others, beyond differences, can generate a big change in human beings, creating a fertile ground to free people from loneliness and confusion: a chance to find themselves and live in harmony with others. In my drawing the flower symbolizes the kindness that comes from love, while the loss and loneliness are symbolized by the snow and the dry leaf. Freedom is represented by the feather.

Lesson Plan Connection

Greek Mythology (1 Class Period)
Textbook Connection: Springboard & Collections 7th Grade
Standards: LAFS RL.1.2, LAFS RL.2.5, LAFS W.1.3, LAFS W.2.4, LAFS SL 1.1, LAFS SL 1.2, LAFS L 1.1, LAFS L 1.2
This Greek Mythology lesson uses the story of Arachne to bring together the lessons learned from ancient myths with artwork from today. The lesson can also be implemented with any Greek Myth.
Lesson Plan  |  Flipchart  |  PowerPoint

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