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2015 Gallery


by: Michael Levin, Lexington, Kentucky

Why should we hate colors when our eyes can see the whole RAINBOW?

quote by: Ashley D., 8th Grade - Allenhurst, New Jersey

Artist Statement

The overall concept of the artwork entitled “Promenade” was to explore differences and our ability to recognize them. The work shows individual differences as well as similarities of the characters (palms) in the illustration and its effect on the viewers. Some of these differences are obvious while others are more subtle. How we judge others or are judged by others is determined by what we see and how we feel.

The five trees in the illustration are similar and of the same family… palms. Differences appear with height, width, and structure of trunks, colors and patterns, etc. The one that stands out is obviously different. For good or bad, acclaim or ridicule, it can’t be dismissed or mistaken as the same.

The small child views the scene from our point of view. Does he like the tree? Does he think, “What is it about that tree?” Is it because the palm has the same taste in pants? Is he even looking at the tree at all? It is the view and perception that creates the differences in the end.

The supporting characters of condos, starfish, geckos and sailboats each exhibit their uniqueness as well in varying degrees.

What we see and how we see it happens in the moment, but what we think changes over time.

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