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2015 Gallery


by: Olivia S., 11th Grade, North Port High School - North Port, Florida
Teacher: Tiffany Jennings

The FEELING of getting bullied is like broken glass - hard to pick up, but harder to mend.

quote by: Eboney B., 9th Grade, Sarasota, Florida

Artist Statement

Everyone has her own thoughts and opinions in certain areas. In America, we are granted the right to our freedom of speech, religion, press, etc. We have our rights to express ourselves; however, society still tries to shut down and restrain the ones that are seen as different and abstract. You may close their mouths and chain them down, but their minds will never change on a set subject. Society needs abstract and creative thinkers because without them we are dull. People deserve their say in life, and if they cannot express it, they surely will never stop thinking it.


Drew & Barbara Cervasio