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2015 Gallery


by: Jerry Bacik, Tarpon Springs, Florida

Words are the only weapons that can also HEAL wounds.

quote by: Marlee T., 8th Grade, Sarasota Middle School - Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Moya Hanaway

Artist Statement

I hate to tell you this but sometimes life is just not fair. It’s not just and you are going to have problems.

But blaming your problems on One Race, One Nation, One Color, or One Creed — blaming your problems on any one group of individuals is completely idiotic. Because to tell you the truth they are just trying to live and deal with their own problems.

And blaming any one group actually prevents you from solving your own problem, and solving that problem might mean you might have to change.

I know change is scary, but it also can be good and to exclude yourself from the vast diversities of culture and customs just diminishes your life.

The world is this AMAZING tapestry of colors and ideas and people who might someday become your friends.

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