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2015 Gallery


by: Brooks Tracey, Sarasota, Florida

Uniformity does not create blooming flowers, whistling birdsongs, fiery sunsets, or EXTRAORDINARY people.

quote by: Katherine L., 10th Grade, Adlai E. Stevenson High School - Lincolnshire, Illinois

Artist Statement

Socks are the most romantic article of clothing. They are created to walk the earth in pairs. They are made for each other, they complement each other, they even take baths together. They are stronger together than they are apart.

This work of art shows how the life of a sock is happier than one may think. Although they go through life constantly being stepped on, they will always have a loyal partner to hang with. Once a pair is separated, it no longer serves a purpose. A pair of socks is the happiest sight on earth. We could all learn a lot from our socks.


Ina Schnell