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2015 Gallery

We Won't Shut Up

by: Judith Carlin, New York, New York

Don't be afraid to be the VOICE that has never been heard.

quote by: Gabriela G., 10th Grade, North Port High School - North Port, Florida
Teacher: Daphne English-Bazenas

Artist Statement

I want my work to have an impact on the world, not only to reflect the world but to inform it. My belief in the power of art and its potential to make positive and lasting changes motivates and inspires me to keep creating. When I paint, it’s not a physical reality I’m after, but an expressive and emotional reality. The people in my paintings are depicted at a particular moment in their lives. I want the viewer to look at the men and women in my paintings and wonder where they came from and where will they end up ­­— showing just enough of the story to spark a discussion.

“Enriching Lives Through Diversity” is a very important theme for me. The older I get the more I realize how alike we all are and how the differences in us are like wonderful spices which make life so much more interesting. After all, we are all one race — the human race.

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