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2016 Gallery

Friends Forever

by: Sammy Chong, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

Picking on friends may result in no friends to pick.

quote by: Louis T., 8th Grade, Booker Middle School, Sarasota, Florida
Teacher: Joanna Fox

Artist Statement

Societies strive for the establishment of stability and order. Those who do not fit in and are deemed as different are consigned and silenced. Myths often portray them as monsters, like the Greek Minotaur. His alienation is rooted in the fact that he is reviled by others. It is not the essence of his being, it is imposed upon him by the mainstream. My drawing juxtaposes the conventional and the grotesque. By featuring the instability and disorder implicit in the monster concept, I introduce an inquiry into societal paradigms. This entails a consideration through contrast of a reality that embraces what is different at cultural, political, racial, economic, and sexual levels.