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2016 Gallery

I Was Really Something

by: Judith Carlin, New York, New York

You can be happy, sad, disappointed, or even frustrated sometimes. It's okay; we're all people!

quote by: Reilly T., 4th Grade, Englewood Elementary School, Englewood, Florida
teacher: Lois Collins

Artist Statement

Enriching lives through diversity has been a constant in my art. Exploring the human condition, our stories, and how we treat each other is my continual theme. I want my art to inform, reflect and evoke strong emotions. I believe that art can make a positive change in the world. When I paint, it’s not a physical reality I’m after but an expressive and emotional one. This painting is about my mother, as she was dying from Alzheimer’s, remembering when she was young and vital. The elderly and the sick are too often forgotten in our society.


Meet the Artist