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2016 Gallery

Planting Peace

Best in Show Adult

by: Chad Glass, Canyon Lake, Texas

Every one of us is an immigrant on a transit visa in this world.

quote by: Komali Veeravalli, Ebenezer, Barbados

Artist Statement

In my art I embrace emotional honesty and beauty even if that requires facing tragic situations. There is beauty in this life among the horrors. I tend to become creatively active when I hear moving music or have an experience that leaves me impressed—be it uplifting or hurtful. Isn’t life about being present to what is experienced in the act of facing it? My art is metabolized through this process. What comes out is often seemingly beyond my conscious control even if I approach the subject with a deliberate design in mind. The theme “Embracing Our Differences” embodies innocence and peace that begins with nurturing our children, and, as adults, to become childlike and non-judgmental.

Meet the Artist