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2016 Gallery

The Biography Project

by: A Community Collaboration of The Out-of-Door Academy and Easter Seals Southwest Florida, Sarasota, Florida

When people say that nobody likes me, I tell them bravely that my family, my best friends and I love me for who I am.

quote by: Brandon Choe, Milpitas, California

Artist Statement

The Biography Project is designed to compel participants into situations that require shifting perspective as well as managing the unexpected. A central goal is to engage students with community members with the objective of cultivating empathy and a broadened sense of humanity. The partnership between Out-of-Door Academy and Easter Seals of Southwest Florida has been in place since 2010. Participants meet for three interviews to give students an opportunity to ask each other questions about life and gain new perspectives. The project culminates in a final celebration in which students give a “gift of biography,” an artifact that reflects the act of listening. This year’s final project is a billboard that captures some of that experience.