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2016 Gallery

The Flawless Symphony

by: Jakub Z., 11th Grade, Stanislaw Sztaszic 1st Schools Complex, Bochnia, Poland
Teacher: Rafal Duda

When you include others, you gain a world of friends.

quote by: Stephanie Gorniak, Columbia, South Carolina

Artist Statement

Diversity does not divide, it enriches the world. We see in this work a group of birds that hail from different regions, and are different in color, size and tone. What they have in common is that they are singing together—creating a wonderful symphony. The title, “The Flawless Symphony,” means that all of these birds are necessary to make beautiful music; each bird makes the music complete. Each of us, regardless of our appearance or personality, creates and beautifies our world. Each of us is indispensable and irreplaceable.