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2016 Gallery

Which Will You Follow?

by: Maya N., 10th Grade, Booker High School, Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Jeffery Cornwell

The equal sign shouldn't just be used in math, but also in everyday life.

quote by: Emily R., 10th Grade, North Port High School, North Port, Florida
teacher: Daphne English

Artist Statement

My piece represents the chronic dilemma between staying faithful to your moral compass and not yielding to the pressure of society’s standards—whether from peers, authority figures, or the unsaid code. As human beings we constantly contend with wanting to be loved by others and yet yearning to love ourselves. Our futures are determined by how we navigate through every decision in this tug-of-war called life. Similar to the character in this piece, we attempt to keep our compass close to our hearts, reflecting our desire to protect clarity during the journey. We must embrace such a lesson’s truth with optimism to find balance in the end.

Meet the Artist