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2017 Gallery

Faces of Freedom

by: Roberta Schlesinger, Austin, Texas

Our differences… with RESPECT and understanding, become our strengths.

quote by: Deb Herbert, Myakka City, Florida

Artist Statement

When my son was five years old, the two of us visited New York. He especially wanted to see the Statue of Liberty, which he knew about from school. I remember standing at the base of the statue holding my little guy’s hand, both of us speechless with the size, the glory and the beauty of this treasure before us. I stood there in awe with tears in my eyes. Lady Liberty was glorious. After a moment I looked around at everyone else craning their necks. I saw all kinds of people all moved by her majesty, all united by the ideals she stood for. I was moved by the fact that, even in our differences, we shared similar ideals. In my painting, I wanted to portray that diversity and that similarity. Women of all races and cultures, like Lady Liberty herself, are beautiful, nurturing, and strong as stone with a core of forged steel.