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2017 Gallery

Just Passing By

by: Shelby A., 10th Grade, Riverview High School - Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Amy Vangellow

I’m not the world, I’m one PERSON. But one person is capable of making all the difference in the world.

quote by: Madelyn K., 12th Grade, Southeast High School - Bradenton, Florida
teacher: Nan Sisemore

Artist Statement

I believe my camera is my greatest weapon to expose issues that are being ignored or forgotten. “We need to stop passing humans the same way we pass street signs.” Is a quote I wrote on the issue going on in my own town. I want to spread the word on how we can all come together as one and help humans just like us to get the shelter they deserve and the food they need. As time goes on, it’s important for us to think of ways we can gradually change lives around us for the better and spread the knowledge to the generations that come after us.