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2017 Gallery

Love Stomps Hate

by: Delaney R. & Dena Sturm, 11th Grade, Riverview High School - Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Dena Sturm

Speak as if your WORDS are written with indelible ink.

quote by: Cindy Hancock-Cuffage, North Port, Florida

Artist Statement

In an effort to depict the understanding that love can eradicate hate of all types, “Love Stomps Hate” was created. The power of love can be as strong as a giant boot, and negative emotions such as hate, intolerance, and anger can be as fragile as an egg if we don’t give them any power. If we teach people to love and embrace one another, we can have a sincerely profound impact on negativity in the world, in hopes of abolishing it all together one day.