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2017 Gallery

No Excuse

by: Macy K., 10th Grade, Riverview High School - Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Amy Vangellow

Pain caused by SILENCE is often worse than pain caused by words.

quote by: Nirali P., 12th Grade, Southeast High School - Bradenton, Florida

Artist Statement

The piece is a drawing of a young girl who was abused. I decided to do my project on abuse because I believe it is something that is not recognized enough. There are many children everywhere who are abused by their parents and not many people even know it because the child may be told to keep it a secret. Child abuse is very serious and something that everyone should be more aware of. I try to represent an innocent looking little girl who is abused by her parents, and all the children around her don’t know what truly is happening so they are just spreading rumors about what they heard. Although abuse may be hard to detect because of the excuses, there are ways to detect it. I hope that my piece opens the eyes of many people and helps them recognize the importance of this situation.