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2018 Gallery

Pushing for Equality

by: Brady B., Andy B., Jordan B., Ian James B., Joshua B., Gage B., Lamarion B., Brayan C., Cesia C., Eliana C. Jophiel C., Chris D., Lillie D., Asher D., Alex D., Luis F., Adam F., Genesis G., Landon Joseph G., Monica H., Lopez J., Samy K., Benjamin K., Susana M., Nevaeh M., Alan M., Ansh P., Fredy P., Dipasvi P., Caden S., Andrew W., Jaylynn Z., Jonathan Z., 7th Grade, Louise R. Johnson Middle School, Bradenton, Florida
teacher: Suzanne Jarrell & Jeannie Mendez

We must educate in order to annihilate the ignorance of hatred.

quote by: Linda Ferdinand, Oneco, Florida

Artist Statement

As a class we understood that each of us faces different issues based on our circumstances. We wanted a way to show how everyone is trying to erase these issues. We ended up using black smoke to symbolize some of the key issues we face—and then showing us pushing away the smoke to lock it up forever. Even though some people try to keep issues hidden, sometimes the issues seep out just like smoke does when it is behind closed doors. We feel that, if we all keep pushing, equality will be a reality for everyone.