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2019 Gallery


by: Kaley R., 11th Grade, Booker High School, Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Jeffery Cornwell

Let me be the person I am, not the person you want me to be.

quote by: Terrance Reilly, Port Charlotte, Florida

Artist Statement

My intention was to capture a literal sense of consumerism. I portrayed monster-like makeup products as a representation of the way companies tend to eat away at consumers’ insecurities or manipulate their needs to sell more products. By using labels such as “You NEED me!” or “EVERYBODY has this!” companies manipulate customers into believing they truly need a certain product when, in retrospect, they can survive without it. I chose this topic because the topic is not often discussed among young people.  The younger generation has become desensitized to consumerism—especially when the media portrays “perfection” as a standard you can buy at a store. It’s important that younger people know that perfection is self-defined and doesn’t come in packages or have a price. Don’t let yourself be eaten alive by consumerism or societal pressures to be “perfect.”