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2019 Gallery

Humanity Threatened

by: Christopher H., 7th Grade, Louise R. Johnson Middle School, Bradenton, Florida
teacher: Dr. Suzanne Jarrell

Being mean is easy. Standing up for someone takes courage.

quote by: Tyler E., 5th Grade, The Out-of-Door Academy, Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Martha Gulacsy

Artist Statement

People are so used to using their phone to record what’s in front of them that they’re often missing experiencing what’s right in front of them. I wanted to show the absurdity of the need to be present on social media at the expense of our basic humanity—helping someone in trouble. I feel it’s necessary to show people what they are becoming to help them change. I made the person needing help a different color because not only is social media a problem, but racial equality is also a major issue.