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2019 Gallery

Internet Security

by: Sudipta D., 8th Grade, Cambridge School Noida, Dehli, India
teacher: Sandip Kr Deb

Pick the friend who goes against hatred, not the one who causes it.

quote by: Sommer S., 6th Grade, Sarasota Middle School, Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Kim Farrell

Artist Statement

Social media can be dangerous when it adversely affects us, causing depression, suicide, violence, addiction and more. We are not always aware of what is good for us. We might even think that our parents are our biggest enemies. We can get so addicted to this nonsense and propaganda that we don't know what the world is beyond our screen—how beautiful it can be. My artwork represents how we can live safely in this diverse, beautiful world so that it doesn’t kill us.

Lesson Plan Connection

Teens and Technology (1 Class Period)
Textbook Connection: Springboard 8th/6th Grades, Collections 7th/8th Grades (Applicable to other grade as well)
Standards: LAFS RL.1.2, LAFS RL.2.5, LAFS W.1.3, LAFS W.2.4, LAFS SL 1.1, LAFS SL 1.2, LAFS L 1.1, LAFS L 1.2
This lesson focuses on the affect that technology is having on our youth today and allows the students to reflect on the positives and negatives of this new tech savvy world. Each piece of artwork brings forth an issue relating to technology in a visual manner that will allow them to better connect to the themes presented.
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