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2019 Gallery

Let It Grow

by: Tatiana G., 11th Grade, Booker High School, Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Jeffery Cornwell

How can we continue to grow if we continue to hate?

quote by: Carson Vibbert, Sarasota, Florida

Artist Statement

With acceptance of diversity, everyone and everything would be closer to a state of peace. My work depicts a gardenscape with two sides divided by a fence; on one side colorful flora is being nurtured and thrives, and on the other, the plantings are dry and vapid with purposeful neglect. The colorful flora represents acceptance and nurturing of differences with the world’s diversity; the dry, vapid side represents hate and close-mindedness from those who can’t accept the beauty and joy diversity brings. There is hope, though, if we tend to and nurture our differences—showing others how to create a world full of beauty.