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2019 Gallery

Milk = Milk

by: Sonia Salinas, Laredo, Texas

Being different is what makes us irreplaceable.

quote by: Teagan A., 11th Grade, New Gate School, Sarasota, Florida
Teacher: Amy Kremer-Treibly

Artist Statement

I live in Laredo, Mexico, a border city with a predominantly Hispanic population. As a member of a minority group, I've encountered people who are not welcoming to those who differ from themselves. My design is a playful way of communicating that, although we may be different in some ways, we have strong commonalities that make us equal. The milk cartons resemble the half-pint milk cartons supplied by most elementary public schools. This is to emphasize that embracing diversity should begin when we are young. Discrimination and hate are not born but are learned behaviors. It is our duty to teach and encourage children to be accepting of those who are different and focus on our similarities.