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2019 Gallery

Points of View

by: Davide Nolfo, Turin, Italy

Listen to others, for their opinion might change your perspective on the world.

quote by: Mia W., 6th Grade, Pine View School, Osprey, Florida
Teacher: Fran Squires

Artist Statement

Just put yourself in the shoes of other people from different cultures, religions, countries to begin to understand some customs and attitudes that often make us afraid, just because we don't know them in depth. What's different, strange, unusual, indefinite often creates barriers between us and others. Human beings sometimes close themselves in their certainties, avoiding uncertainties by neglecting new stimuli from the outside. If it were possible to change our attitude we would learn a lot from each other and we would be better able to adapt to new circumstances. This work strives to express this. The dove, a symbol of freedom and peace, stands at the same level as the bat, a symbol of darkness and the unknown. On this perspective, the dove has the same point of view of the bat and begins to understand it better, despite the initial distrust.