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2019 Gallery

Thumbs Up

by: Judith Carlin, New York, New York

I saw a smile and I smiled too.

quote by: Jenniffer Twu, Toronto, Canada

Artist Statement

“Thumbs Up” is my invitation for people to explore the world, experience new adventures, meet new people and celebrate our differences. The more we travel, the more people we meet, the more cultures we see up close, the more we will realize we’re not that different. We have to stop seeing people unfamiliar to us as the other. We may look different, eat different food, have different passions, but we are all the same in many ways. We want to be loved. We want our loved ones to have a roof over their heads, enough food to eat, to be safe, to be healthy and to be happy. “Thumbs Up” is a celebratory painting about what it means to be human.

Lesson Plan Connection

Grade Level: All Ages
Objective - Through creative movement and mindfulness, shake it out with an uplifting dance sequence that invites us to let go, shake out our fears, and take flight utilizing the art piece "Thumbs Up" from EOD's 2019 exhibit as inspiration.
Closed Captioning available in English and Spanish
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