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2019 Gallery

United in a Quest for Knowledge

Best in Show Student

by: Anna W., 7th Grade, Louise R. Johnson Middle School, Bradenton, Florida
Teacher: Jeannie Mendez

You do not choose who you are, but what you become.

quote by: Peter S., 8th Grade, Sarasota Middle School, Sarasota, Florida
Teacher: Lindsay Marks

Artist Statement

All my life I have taken things for granted, but when I was introduced to Embracing Our Differences, my eyes were opened. I learned about places that are very different from my home. Everyone is different, and the meaning of different is so much more than a word to me. We all come from different backgrounds, yet we can be friends. We have different beliefs, but we have things in common. I want to embrace that and show that we are all different, but we can unite to make a better world.