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2019 Gallery

What Color?

by: Clifford McDonald, Sarasota, Florida

A blank canvas is like the world without color, you need all the colors to make it a masterpiece.

quote by: Emma M., 6th Grade, Pine View School, Osprey, Florida
Teacher: Linda Lyons

Artist Statement

I’m extremely grateful for the gift of art. It’s a blessing to be able to create, inspire and bring joy to others. I don’t focus on one particular subject, but I believe I’m at my best when I produce work that takes a critical view on social/cultural issues. This piece, entitled “What Color?” addresses interracial relationships. Although it’s accepted, some people still frown upon individuals dating outside their own race. I created this piece to speak to those people, as well as anyone in an interracial relationship. We get so caught up on race, gender, orientation, etc. Ultimately, all that matters is love.