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2020 Gallery

Be Shore of Yourself

by: Brooks Tracey, Sarasota, Florida

Be a wave of acceptance in an ocean of judgement.

quote by: Sara B., 7th Grade, Sarasota Middle School, Sarasota, Florida
teacher: Kim Farrell

Artist Statement

Let’s all gather in a common place. A spot to laugh, love, and embrace. We could enjoy a day on the sand. Each of us sporting our special brand. You can be you, and I can be me. We'll welcome each other's diversity. Assembled together down by the shore. Limitless opportunities for us to explore. What a wonderful world it would be. All of us gathered down by the sea.

Lesson Plan Connection

Grade Level: Elementary
Standard: LAFS.1-12.3.7 (Integration of Knowledge & Ideas)
SEL Tenet: Identity & Agency
Essential Question - What is diversity and why is this essential in our society?
Lesson Plan  |  PowerPoint