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2020 Gallery

Come Together

by: Ash DiCristofalo, Cranford, New Jersey

In a world full of all talk, be the action that everyone so desperately wants.

quote by: Sophie Annoni, Allentown, Pennsylvania

Artist Statement

Inspired by the fires in the Amazon and the brave young people who speak out on behalf of the environment, I painted this to suggest that even when we are afraid of climate change and uncertain as to what will become of our Earth, we can still join one another in working to build a better world. Even though all the figures in the scene are feeling discouraged, scared, and nervous about the future, and they're all very different from one another, and they have come together to try to put out the fires on Earth as a team. The little girl leading the way is smiling slightly because, even though she's frightened too, she knows that there is hope if we join others. With all of our diverse strengths combined, we can achieve miracles.