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2020 Gallery

I Have a Dream

Best in Show Student

by: Shangxi Wu, 11th Grade, Pleasanton, California

Living life as an amputee is the ability to stand tall like a mountain, even when you have no feet.

quote by: Marsha Danzig, Dayton, Ohio

Artist Statement

My drawing is about a homeless person. Despite being disabled and having little wealth, with limited art materials and colors, he shows healing and vigorous desire to extend his world by using imagination and embracing his dreams with angel wings. Everyone has the right to dream.

Lesson Plan Connection

Grade Levels: 9-12
Standards: LAFS.ELA-LITERACY.910- 1112.SL.1-3 & RH.2.4; LAFS.SS.912.H.1 & H.2

SEL Tenets: Identity and Agency, Social Skills, & Public Spirit
Essential Question - How can a person show dignity and respect for all people, no matter who they are?
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