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2020 Gallery

Lost Innocence

by: Lina Abojaradeh, Amman, Jordan

Become an encouraging voice in someone's hopeless silence.

quote by: Tayyaba Munir, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Artist Statement

This painting was inspired by a photograph that moved me as no other photograph has before. It depicts a young girl who is covering the eyes of her dolls. Sources say this photo was taken in Syria, and the little girl is covering her doll's eyes from seeing the atrocities of war, even though her eyes are wide open. She chose to protect the doll over herself, something we need to learn to do. If only we were as empathetic to others as she is with her doll. It is so incredibly important that the world learns to embrace each other’s differences because it makes it easier for people to welcome such refugees into their countries and their homes. This little girl is a victim of war simply because she is from a certain geographical region, of a certain ethnicity and faith. We need to work better to provide a better life for all children, no matter where they live or where they are from.