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2020 Gallery


by: Ciro R., 7th Grade, Sarasota Middle School, Sarasota, Florida
Teacher: Brooks Tracey

Conformity is the practice of a follower; change is the tool of a leader.

quote by: Anish A., 9th Grade, Harrisonburg High School, Harrisonburg, Virginia

Artist Statement

My artwork is showing the inner thoughts of a teenager, "nowadays". It's a depiction of how social media and technology can carry a heavy burden on a contemporary teenager. Yes, there are positives that have come from technology, but I am still troubled by its negatives (bullying, distractions, etc.). Technology is a platform that can bring us together, but it also has the potential to divide us, distract us, and harm us. This piece aims to create a larger conversation about the inner emotional burdens of the current generation and how they differ from those of the past.