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2020 Gallery

The Touch

by: Isidora Ivanovic, Belgrade, Serbia

No matter what language you speak, you can always understand kindness.

quote by: Nuris Fanning, Bradenton, Florida

Artist Statement

Life’s journey starts with touch. It is the human sense that first starts developing in the womb. It is the first form of communication and first encounter with love. Babies crave close contact because they need to recreate the conditions experienced in the womb. Beloved children grow up to be good and caring people, who give love to other people, regardless of race, sex, religion, social status and other differences. Touch is so simple and so instinctive. For a new life it is the warmest welcome, the safest haven and strongest support. For this reason, I decided to draw a close-up depiction of hands and fingers because their extra-sensitive receptors are able to detect even the mildest and gentlest touch.