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2020 Gallery

The World on Your Platter

by: Prerna Lulia, 11th Grade, Narsee Monjee College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai, India

True inclusion is when everyone is not only invited to the table, but encouraged to contribute to the meal.

quote by: Anne Russ, New York, New York

Artist Statement

The platter contains delicacies from around the globe—from vegan to meat, healthy to junk, and spicy to sweet. Yet, all of them add a unique charm, like seven colors completing a rainbow. We all may hail from different ethnicities, cultures, races, genders, but we all, without fail, require sustenance to live. Our hunger unites us. Our primal need doesn’t question diversity. Isn’t that food for thought?

Lesson Plan Connection

Grade Levels: 9-12
Standards: LAFS.ELA-LITERACY.910- 1112.SL.1-3 & RH.2.4; LAFS.SS.912.H.1, H.2, & H.3.3

SEL Tenets: Identity and Agency, Social Skills, & Public Spirit
Essential Question - What can we learn about diverse cultures and inclusion through the foods we eat?
Lesson Plan  |  PowerPoint