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2020 Gallery

They Are ALL Our Children

by: Maria Morales, Lumberton, New Jersey

The same hand that holds a gun and starts war, can hold a pencil and start peace.

quote by: Débora Sousa, São Paulo, Brazil

Artist Statement

This work shows the children of war and conflicts. Leaders of different countries seem so ready to initiate conflicts and the most powerless and vulnerable seem to be the ones who suffer. The children are of different nationalities from different conflicts throughout the world. This painting takes inspiration from Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” painting. The children are embraced and held by hands that form a heart to hold them in, incorporating Klimt’s designs and patterns from “The Kiss.” After all, as humans we should understand that they are all our children. Their diversity and uniqueness is what will make us all better and stronger. This painting is based on real photographs of children who have been involved in wars and conflicts around the world.