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2020 Gallery

You look like a...

by: Cassandra P., 9th Grade, Riverview High School, Sarasota, Florida
Teacher: Colleen Cory

Just because another person doesn't see your value doesn't mean you're worthless.

quote by: Bredacious Bruner, Blakely, Georgia

Artist Statement

My artwork depicts the effects of bullying and body image. These kids have been teased, called names and labeled based on their appearances. The girl on the left hears the haunting words of others calling her too fat: "You look like an elephant!" The boy on the right, has always been called out for being too tall” "You look like a giraffe!" This is wrong and is not how we should be treating each other. Embrace who you are and stand tall! Realize that the unique qualities about you are what make you beautiful.