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Snow White

Location:                       Florida Studio Theatre in the Browne's Lab

Performance Dates:     January 14  – March 1, 2019 (Tuesday - Friday at 9:45 am, 11:00 am and 12:15 pm)

Cost:                             $8 per student  ($5 per student for Title One schools)

Grades:                         K - 5

A fresh look at the timeless classic that features a beautiful princess, her evil queen, a huntsman, one magic mirror, and the legendary seven dwarfs – all brought to life by TWO ACTORS! This creative adventure brings to life a fairy tale world before your very eyes with the vibrant creativity and thrilling theatricality you’ve come to expect from Florida Studio Theatre.


Location:                       Florida Studio Theatre 

Performance Dates:     January 14  – March 1, 2019 

Cost:                             $8 per student  ($5 per student for Title One schools)

Grades:                         6 - 12

This special performance and workshop experience explores the past and the present through a theatrical lens.

Part One: Performance – Staging History
Join FST as we bring some of history's most memorable and meaningful moments to life - right in your classroom. Performed by a cast of professional actors, this show will dramatize the human truth behind some of history's most riveting stories. 

Part Two: Playwriting Workshop – Writing History
Immediately following the performance, students will engage in a playwriting workshop, giving them the tools and techniques to write about their own personal histories. All students are encouraged to submit their writing to FST's Annual Young Playwright's Festival playwriting competition to be considered for a professional production in Spring 2019.

For booking inquiries, please contact: 
Hannah Bagnall
WRITE A PLAY Coordinator