Mote Marine Laboratory

K - 12
$35 per class (additional reg. costs covered by EOD). Scholarships available.
Running Time:
35-40 Min.
Monday through Friday

Sea-labrating (Bio)Diversity

Welcome to Coral Town! Nowhere in the ocean is biodiversity greater or more important than within a colorful and vibrant coral reef.  Join us as we dive in to learn about the balance and harmony that exists on a reef, exploring the symbiotic relationships between Coral Town characters as well as the significant role that each living organism plays to maintain the overall well-being of the ecosystem.

Incorporating Embracing Our Differences’ core values of inclusion, diversity, respect, and integrity, these lively, interactive, and age-appropriate lessons also provide a bonus for teachers; engaging hands-on activities for students to participate in after our lesson to deepen their understanding and continue the fun!

This Make-A-Day! option is only open to Charlotte, Manatee and Sarasota County groups.


Max. 25 student per workshop. Larger groups can be scheduled in separate workshops on the same or different days. Ability to serve up to 5 workshops per day.


Virtual via Zoom

Brad Tanner, School Programs Coordinator | Email | 941-388-4441 x351

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