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2020 Gallery

Taunting & Bullying

by: Irina Petukhova, Moscow, Russia

Crushing another's spirit doesn't make you stronger; it makes us all weaker.

quote by: Shashanna Prince, New Ellenton, South Carolina

Artist Statement

Today, bullying is an urgent problem of modern society. The problem is particularly acute among children. Sometimes kids feel like it's their fault. They feel alone, powerless and reluctant to open up. Bullying is within our power to stop. Do not ignore the issue in any form! Do not be indifferent!

Lesson Plan Connection

Grade Levels: 9-12
Standards: LAFS.ELA-LITERACY.910- 1112.SL.1-3 & RH.2.4; LAFS.SS.912.H.1 & H.2

SEL Tenets: Identity and Agency, Social Skills, & Public Spirit
Essential Question - What does the word integrity mean to you?
Lesson Plan PowerPoint