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2020 Gallery

The Help

by: Mutiara Sakhira, 11th Grade, SMA Plus Negeri 17 Palembang, Palembang, Indonesia
Teacher: Widya Grantina

While looking at these wheels, do not ignore my wings, for my legs are disabled, but my wings aren't clipped.

quote by: Ayesha Khanum, Islamabad, Pakistan

Artist Statement

Some people think disabled people cannot help others. Disabled people used to be judged by their physical limitations. I often see many offer their help when other people do not. So it’s not about the “disabilities” of a body, but about our effort to jump up and offer help. Help can be a nice smile to make someone’s day, talking with a companion in a garden, or any other simple, small thing that anyone can do.

Lesson Plan Connection

Grade Level: Elementary
Standard: LAFS.1-12.3.7 (Integration of Knowledge & Ideas)

SEL Tenet: Public Spirit
Essential Question - Why is integrity important and how does a person become an effective part of school, home, and society?
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